Pelican Talk Speech Therapy Resources is your one-stop shop for speech, language and literacy materials. 

Are you concerned your child has a speech delay?  Do you wish to know more about 'dyslexia'?  Would you like to promote phonemic awareness in your classroom? Do you need some great language promotion resources? 

We can help!  You'll find free articles, tipsheets, training opportunities and products to purchase...  

 If you love Love and Reilly's products, tipsheets and training, you've come to the right place.  Pelican Talk and Love and Reilly have merged so you, the customer, can access everything on one website.The Love and Reilly website is still active but will be absorbed into this one soon.


Spell Signs is a unique system of gestures and written symbols that make the "lingo of literacy" visual.

The system  works particularly well with students who have language difficulties or those struggling with the concepts of literacy (such as syllables, vowels, sound, letter....)

Spell Signs is not a program.  Instead, it is a tool that complements all good literacy teaching.  

See here for more information. 


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Doug the Dog (below left ) is a resource that targets the prepositions IN, ON, UNDER,  NEXT TO, BEHIND AND IN FRONT OF. using a series of video-clips and printable flashcards and activities. It is very popular with therapists working with young children.   See more here. 

Speech Sounds for Kids (below right) is our App.  There is so much on this app.  It targets consonant sound awareness and production.  It's available only in the iTunes App store.