List of Products 

Language Resources

Alien Talk  $95 Used to promote the building of great sentences  -  receptive and expressive language -  early to middle primary  -  More info here -  View in Store   BEST SELLER

Away with Words (by Love and Reilly) $33.55 (by Love and Reilly) A CD-Rom full of goodies for promoting oral language -  middle primary and upwards  - More info here - View in Store

Chatterbox (by Love and Reilly) $33 72 cards used to promote discussion and conversation  -  middle primary to secondary school  -  More info here - View in Store   A LOVE AND REILLY FAVOURITE

Daisy Dog's Days  (by Love and Reilly) $55  A popular resource for promoting expressive language ( narrative skills, sequencing and more )  - preschool and early primary -  More info here - View in Store

Doug the Dog $47.50  an early language resource.  Doug helps children learn prepositions  such as in, on, under, beside (next to), in front of and behind.  More info here - View in store

Frogs on a Log  $47.50  -  an early years language resource  - includes keyword signs (Auslan) - More info here - View in store

The Fun Park $47.50   for promoting oral language skills, perspective,  based on Blank's Question Hierarchy - early to late primary  - More info here  - View in Store

Fun With Sequences $47.50   learn about clear and ordered narration using these sequence pictures  -preschool to early primary - More info here -  View in Store

Language Essentials Pack $142.50 -  This pack will set you up with loads of language materials.  Doug the Dog (prepositions), My First Barrier Games, and Fun with Sequences is provided to you on a Pelican Talk  flashdrive card (inserts into the USB port on a MAC or Windows computer).  View In Store

Language Bites (by Love and Reilly)  $39.99  80 cards used to promote language skills in 4 key areas. View in Store

Language Mini-Bites (by Love and Reilly)   $33.55  or save $5 and download at checkout.  64 activities arranged into 4 categories. On CD-Rom or instant download.  View in Store

Listen and Learn  (by Love and Reilly) $59.50 Teaches "active listening". Contains SO many activities for promoting listening skills.  View In Store

My First Barrier Games  $47.50 Used in promoting clear speech and careful listening -   preschool and early primary  -  More info here View in Store

Spot on Speaking (by Love and Reilly) $33  A set of  70 cards used for promoting oral language- middle primary to secondary school - More info here  - View in Store

Story Talk  (by Love and Reilly) $53  A language kit full of goodies to promote storytelling - primary - More info here - View in Store

Terry's Language Pack  $68  A puppet and a USB flashdrive full of language goodies for the first two years of schooling - early primary. More info here View in Store 

Literacy Resources 

(Phonics, Sound-Letter Links,  Phonological Awareness) 

Billy the Grasshopper - Syllables Program  $65 This  puppet and activity pack targets syllable awareness, production, spelling and reading.  It is suitable for children with delayed speech and literacy development, but is also a great way to work on syllables for both phonological awareness and written tasks in general classroom programming. More info here.   View in Store. 

A Box of Rimes  $26.50 for one,  $52 for both Two boxes  (50 cards each) for teaching rimes.  One side shows the target rime in words and the other presents these words in sentences. More info here.    View in Store 

MagMarBoard (Magnetic Marble Board) $22 A versatile resource to make "sounding out" and  early phonics fun. Whiteboard, magnetic marbles, markers and wordlists and activity instructions. Use in language tasks too.   View in Store. 

Minimal Pairs to the Max $71.50 

Monkey Sounds $47.50  Explore the five short vowel sounds  -  early primary - More info here - View in Store

Sound Segmenter  $ 55 Loads of activities for segmenting 3 and 4 sound words - includes consonant and vowel digraphs -  early primary and remedial literacy intervention for older students - More info here - View in Store

Spell Signs  $85  Work in literacy?  You need SPELL SIGNS!  Learn this fabulous set of hand gestures and symbols that work students systematically and explicitly through the building blocks of words. More info here  - View in Store. 

The Speech Sound Set  Prices from $88 - $185-  The best Australian sound resource. Available in several different versions -  More info here - View in Store

The Singing Alphabet $72 This popular resource from Love and Reilly has been updated and re-illustrated and covers all the letters of the alphabet along with sh, ch and th.  - More info here - View in Store

Wizard $46   Practise segmenting and blending  3 and 4 sound words - early primary and remedial intervention for older students - More info here - View in Store 

Social/Pragmatic Resources

Social Sam - Our best-selling resource that addresses 41 social skills and behaviours. You can download the pragmatics checklist here -  More info here  - View in Store

Social Puppets - This resource comes with two high quality puppets (a boy and a girl)  and a CD-ROM containing 25 scripts addressing common preschool social interactions.  - View in Store

The Fun Park $47.50   for promoting oral language skills, perspective,  based on Blank's Question Hierarchy - early to late primary  - More info here  - View in Store

Oral/ Feeding Resources 

Motormouth $85  Now comes with FREE Feeding/swallowing Pics!  - Printable cards, video clips and slideshows used in increasing awareness of the oral movements.  More info here View in Store