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6.  Using Literature to Explore Language and Stories

7. School Readiness and Early Literacy

8. Taking Time for Talking

9. Rime, Rhyme and Analogy

10. Talking: The Teacher's Tool

11. Step into Literate Language

12. Vocabulary - It's More Than Just Words!

13. Show and Tell

14. Speaking of Play

15. Spelling Made Easy

16. Tell Me a Story

17. Vocabulary - Making the Connections

18. Holiday Language Activities

19. Shared Stories - Preparing for Literacy

20. Time for Listening

21. Phonological Awareness - Preparing for Literacy

22. Linking Sounds and Letters

23. Making Meaning in Reading and Spelling

24. Language Milestones for School Success

25. Questions - The Key to Learning?

26. Sharing A Good Book  (Previously called Reading Between the Lines.)

27. Helping Reluctant Readers

28. The Oral Language Trolley

29. An Extended Turn to Talk

30. Emergent Literacy - From What Does it Emerge?

31. Using Books for Oral Language in the Classroom

32. A "Hands On" Approach to Oral Language

33. The Reading Journey

34. Parents and the Language Learning Environment

35. The Teacher's Toolbag

36. Focus on Words

37. Language and How We Use it (Pragmatics)

38. Teaching and Learning - What Really Matters

39. Children and Communication

40. Working Memory

41. Do Children Really Need to Know What A Speech Sound Is? 

42. Teaching Grammar

43. Talking Tense

44. Keep Calm and Communicate

45. Learning the Alphabet