Social and Emotional Learning

Pragmatic Language Skills

Pelican Talk knows this is one of the most IMPORTANT areas of learning. After all, communicating with others is the reason WHY we use speech and language... and emotional awareness is a BIG part of this. 

Below our resources and tipsheets related to Social and Emotional Learning. 

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Pelican Talk LOVES puppets so much we have our own puppet website, Puppets for Learning. We also run a training package Using Puppets for Social and Emotional Learning. Email us if you are interested in hosting a training day - or you canjoin in on a training day in Melbourne or via Zoom. Click here for details 

Puppets are brilliant for exploring emotions. Just look at poor Gail the Snail. How do you think she's  feeling and why?  Discussing feelings and thinking about WHY others might feel a certain wayis vital for successful social relationships. 

Social Puppets is a program by Pelican Talk that targets 25 social scenarios common in the early childhood setting. With a strong focus on social understanding and emotions, this is a fun way to model, discuss and practise social skills. You can purchase Social Puppets here. (It comes with a program and 2 gorgeous kid puppets). 


We stock resources that target social understanding. 

SOCIAL SAM is our SUPER POPULAR social language resource.  It contains 41 illustrated stories targeting social situations - plus so much more! (You can send the pictures to a tablet and save your printer ink!) See Social Sam in our online store here. 

Find your character, check what they are doing in the scene. Think about how they might be feeling and why. Lots of activities for "walking in someone else's shoes."See Fun Park in our online store. 

BOOM CARDS are a super cheap way to learn idioms. In fact, they are so cheap, the Animal set is FREE! Check out Pelican Talk's here. 

BARRIER GAMES are wonderful for conveying clear messages and for receiving them. See My First Barrier Games in our online store. 

For more great resources, have a peep here. 

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