The Speech Sound Set 

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This versatile resource is a must for speech pathologists, preschools and teachers of literacy.  It comes on a  USB stick packed full of information sheets, programming tips, wordlists, pictures, mouthshape links and activities. It is unique in that it uses a fun character (called a Sound Buddy) to represent each sound.  Each Sound Buddy  has a mouthshape that represents the mouthshape used to make their specific sound.

Each Sound Buddy also comes with a story that is linked to their sound production and a hand cue. 

Download an overview here. 

There are five different versions: The Starter Set,  School Set 1,  School Set 2,  The Speech Set,  The Complete Set. Choose the version best for you!  Read about each version below.

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The Starter Set is great for exploring mouthshapes and sound features with young children.  The focus is on sound awareness and production. Children are exposed incidentally to letters.  

Used in:  Pre-literacy development, early articulation (including dyspraxia) and phonological intervention.

Suitable for:  Preschools, early learning centre, parents of preschool aged children, children 2-5 years   

Sounds Covered:  All the 24 consonant sounds of English   (Including th,  sh,   ng,  ch,  zh)  5  “short”  vowel sounds (a-­e-­i-­o-u).

Price:  $88 (including GST)

The School Set 1 introduces children to the most common sound-letter link, explores sounds in depth and promotes first sound awareness in words. 

Used in:  Early literacy programming.

Suitable For:  Students in their first year of schooling, students learning basic sound-letter links for all of the letters in the alphabet.    

Sounds Covered: *All the 24 phonemes of English  (incl.  th,  sh,   ng,  ch,  zh)   *  5  “short”  vowel sounds (a-­e-­i-o-­u)

Price:  $110 (including GST) 

The School Set 2 explores introduces students to all the vowel sounds and further works on consonant sounds.  All sound-letter links are explored and spelling patterns and rules studied. 

 Suitable For:  Students who have completed Set 1. Students who are learning more advanced letter options (graphemes), rules and patterns for ALL consonants and ALL Vowel Sounds

Sounds Covered:  20 Vowels and Diphthongs  (Australian English) . Advanced letter links and literacy tasks for all 44 sounds are included. 

Price:  $110 (including GST)

The Speech Set contains all pictures and resources relating to sound exploration and production but it does not contain the literacy components of the program. This one is for speech pathologists who work on sound production for speech. 

Suitable For:   Speech pathologists who are working in speech intervention.  (Clients with speech impairments ; articulatory, dyspraxic, phonological). Also for those working in Accent Reduction.   

Sounds Covered: All 44 phonemes of Australian English  (All consonant sounds,  20 vowel and diphthong sounds). 

Does NOT contain any explicit letter link materials or any literacy activities. 

Price: $110 (including GST)

The Complete Set is the bees-knees version. It contains EVERYTHING. 

All sounds, all literacy links, all tipsheets, all pictures etc... 


Price:  $185 (including GST) 


The Speech Sound Set Manuals

View the Manuals Below. 

Manual Part 1 This Manual Provides an Overview

Manual Part 2  This Manual Covers How to Use the Resource in the Preschool Years

Manual Part 3  This Manual Covers How to Use the Resource for Literacy Programming

Manual Part 4  This Manual Covers How to Use the Resource for Speech Sound Intervention. 

Speech Sounds For Kids  -   the app (for iPads)

The Speech Sounds For Kids app uses the same consonant sound pictures (Sound Buddies) as The Speech Sound Set.  It is a fabulous home practice tool that complements therapy work perfectly. 

It is available in the iTunes app store.

Download a flier here.